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Lack of Communication

My oldest son is in T-ball and it really has been a battle with his coaches from the very beginning. First we weren’t getting any of the emails then we missed a practice because we didn’t get the information from the coaches and now this weekend. He had a little bit of a tournament this weekend along with an evaluation to see where the kids are at since they started playing. All went well this weekend and we were supposed to have closing ceremonies at 1:00 today and we showed up and no one was there from his age group or from his team. We waited for 15 minutes before we left and then I also emailed the coach asking what had happened. I just got an email back saying “Oh sorry we told all the kids/parents that were in the dugout that the ceremonies were cancelled.” Oh gee thanks, so the parents that were on the bleachers don’t count and you left it up to a 6 year old to communicate that with me. Thanks for wasting my time. One more month of this and then we are done for a year. I really hope next year it is so much better, between the lack of communication from his teachers and his coaches I am just getting frustrated with it all. 

And to think My 5 year old starts soccer on thursday. Ya me. Well time to go catch up on chores from yesterday and today. 

Gotta run 🙂

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Bed Time Fail

Well last night did not go so well. The girls thought it was a fun game and so I eventually just moved her back into the crib, where she continued to cry for 25 minutes. I didn’t bother moving her to the play pen after all the kids were asleep as Little Miss was up screaming every 20 minutes or so, so that didn’t work out at all how I planned. I think I am going to attempt it again when both girls don’t have the sniffles. 

Well time to get dinner started and all that fun stuff.

Gotta Run

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Holy moly! I can’t believe that it has almost been 2 months since I last posted. I’m a bad blogger thats for sure. Not that I really have much to talk about these days. Most of my weeks are filled with working and baseball and cleaning and trying to put together quilts for my niece and nephew before they come up in the summer. Oh and take care of the four rugrats that I call my kids. 

Oh ya and the fact that I am 27 weeks pregnant and the tiredness has creeped up on me again. I mean just the other day I fell asleep at 8:30! I mean really who does that. A pregnant women who is working tons and taking care of her crazy kids thats who. 

All the kids are currently watching T.V before bed and I have taken a break from doing dishes 🙂 Yup I’m being productive and doing the dishes before 9:00 at night! Go me! 

Tonight how ever I am going to be brave and try something that I am not sure anyone is ready for. I am going to put Baby K in with the other 3 kiddos. Just in the play pen though, there is no way I am taking apart the crib and putting it back together if this is all going to fall apart and be a horrible idea. I am really hoping this is an easy transition and that her sister doesn’t try and climb into the play pen. Well I guess I won’t know until I try right. My hubby will be surprised thats for sure 🙂 

Alright well hopefully I will have some good news to post and who knows maybe after all the kids go to bed I will post about the quilts I am making and show you some pictures 🙂 


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Potty training troubles

Can I just say how much I am hating this whole potty training thing. With my boys it was easy, they seemed ready and we put them in underwear and away we went. Very few accidents and within weeks they were potty trained. This time around holy hell am I hating it. She won’t pee on the potty but she will poop on the potty and I suppose that is a great step in the right direction but in order for her to go poop she has to hop on and off the toilet at least 10 times before she actually goes to the bathroom. In and out of the bathroom we go, we have bought her pull ups now because it is 10 times easier then a regular diaper.

I guess I am just super frustrated about her saying she has to go poop and then she won’t go once she is on the potty. If I even try to put her in underwear she has a pee accident so I end up following her around all day making sure she doesn’t pee all over everything.

I suppose in time she will pee on the potty and we won’t have this issue where we are in the bathroom ALL DAY!! But right now it is so frustrating and annoying.

I really don’t want 3 kids in diapers 😦

If anyone has any tips on how to get her to potty train any quicker or to even just get her to pee on the potty that would be greatly appreciated.

Gotta run.

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Too early!

This morning I woke up at 5:00, I suppose it was by choice because I set my alarm for that time. Let me tell you it is way to early for someone to wake up. Or at least for me to wake up. It’s dark out and my children are still asleep, I would say my husband is also still asleep but if I didn’t have to work he would still be asleep at 8:00 after the kids and I have gotten up for the day. Blah I hate getting up this early.

I work at 8:00 so you must be wondering why I am waking up so early, well it’s because I am a very nice and thoughtful mother and wife. I wake up at 5:00 so I can take a bus to work. Now in order for me to get to work by 8:00 I have to take a 6:00 bus, it gets me to my work an hour early but in the morning the busses aren’t exactly running every 15 minutes. I take the bus in the morning so my husband and children don’t have to wake up before they need to or want to I suppose. So there is my good deed of the day.

I also hate walking in the dark:( it’s a 20 minutes walk to the bus stop and let me tell you it’s still dark out. I already don’t like the dark and the uneasy feeling it gives me but I hate the outside dark more. I mean when my house is dark I get the same uneasy feeling inside but the chance that there is actually something inside my house is very very slim, especially after I just checked the kids room and our house is only one floor and not that big. The outside dark how ever is more scary just for the fact that there could actually be something hiding in the dark outside. It’s creepy and some spots are just way to dark.

Well my bus should be here any minute..

Gotta run.

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Moments like this


Moments like this are what make this whole motherhood gig worth while 🙂

Love sleepy cuddles.

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Lets talk boundaries and children. For those who have Children do you teach them boundaries? If so what are they? The reason I ask is because I was out the other day with my children and we were sitting down at a bench when this little girl about 4 years old came up to us. At first she peaked into my stroller to look at my girls and I didn’t mind that but then she started to look underneath my stroller where I keep my purse and everything else and started looking for bottles. I had to ask her to stop and to not look in there.

Then she turned to my boys who were sitting on a bench and she tried to unzip their jackets and she starts to pet and stroke their heads. I once again had to ask her to stop and that they didn’t need their jackets unzipped. My boys just kind of looked at me like they didn’t know what to do, and frankly I didn’t know what to do either. I didn’t want to be rude to her or mean, she was just 4 years old maybe she didn’t understand the concept of boundaries but standing in the distance was her grandmother… Or I assume it was her grandmother she was probably in her 60’s and all she was doing was standing in the distance and watching the whole thing.

I was thankful that our bus came when it did because The whole situation was uncomfortable. This little girl was all over my children and my stuff while the parental figure in her life just watched on. Maybe it’s all in personality or maybe it’s how your raised but I have never encounter this kind of situation where boundaries where being crossed that even my boys where uncomfortable.

What do you think? Is it the way kids or even adults are raised or is it simply a personality thing that makes the person think its okay to invade other people’s personal spaces.

Have you ever dealt with this? What did you do and if it was a child was it handled differently and where was their parental figure as this was happening?

I’d love to hear from you.

Gotta run children are going crazy!

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I think out of all the things that I have done that is oddly one of the biggest things I struggle with. There are days when I really think I have it all under control and there are days and even weeks where I feel like I am drowning in the overwhelming thing that is motherhood.

I mean lets face it not everyone is cut out to be a mother, anyone can have a baby but damn it takes hard work to be a decent mother. Whether you are a full time working mom or a stay at home
Mom, whether you have help or you are doing this all on your own, it is hard work.

Is motherhood thankless? Heck Yes!
Is motherhood rewarding? Absolutely!
Is motherhood tiring? Most definitely!
Is motherhood selfless? Yes!
Is motherhood demanding? More then I ever thought it would be!

Whether you have one child or in my case soon to be 5 children it is all those things and more.

Now I am not saying I regret having children and wish that I could go back and change things, because I couldn’t imagine my life without these children. Yes they drive me insane and question my thoughts on why I wanted to be a mother but even on those horrible days, all they have to do is smile and laugh and give me a hug and a kiss and really it makes it all worth while. My one year old will come up and just make the sound of tickling you with rubbing her hands on you and really it is the cutest thing and if you don’t pretend like it makes you laugh then well you have no soul. Lol.

Anyways. Back to my point….. I am about to have my 5th child and more then ever I am really wondering how I am going to handle motherhood with 5 children…. It stresses me out and worries me so much. I mean I struggle with it now, my oldest son is hopefully just going through a phase were his attitude and defiance is taking over our household and my 5 year old stepson looks at me sometimes like he doesn’t have to listen to me at all. The girls well they are one and two and are really pushing and testing the boundaries of my sanity. It’s insane how I manage it all and still have all my hair.

So I guess what I am saying is I struggle with being a mother or maybe it’s the fact I struggle with being a great mother, it is damn hard work and there are days when I feel like I get no credit or thanks for doing what I do. Maybe that’s it. All I’m saying is I struggle and I hope that someone can relate to how I feel and know they are not alone and I really hope it’s normal, because no matter how much I struggle and want to hide away for an hour to catch my breath and find my sanity I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Please tell me I am not alone….. Feel free to leave a comment and share how motherhood has changed you or how it is completely different then what you thought it would be. I would love to hear from you.

Gotta run my kids are out of bed… Never ends…

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The rare moments

Today is a rare day. Laundry is all caught up and besides a few random dishes by the sink the kitchen is actually clean. My children haven’t managed to make me want to pull my hair out today and actually right now the 2 girls are napping and the boys are outside playing and collecting bugs.

I are lunch in peace and I have had about an hour of quite…. But now that I have written this my youngest is now crying in her crib.

Blah hopefully I can write a better post later tonight.

Gotta run.

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Well it seems like the stomach bug has hit our family… Well 3 out of the 6 have gotten it. It started with my husband and then yesterday it decided to take over our girls. Super fun cleaning up vomit from a 1 and 2 year old. So far there have been no other casualties.

I had my 14 week appointment yesterday. Went really quick and everything seems fine. She found the heartbeat but not without some difficulty first. She literally tried for like 5 minutes before she found it. I can’t say that I was worried or even upset, not really sure how I felt in that moment. Either way the baby was down really low and she eventually found it. So there is still a baby and #5 is on it’s way. Ya.

Well my dad is doing really well, he finally got out of the hospital yesterday and is at home resting comfortably 🙂 So thats good news.

Now I have to run as my daughter just took off all her clothes and suspect her diaper is the next to go.

Till next time.

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